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The purpose of this event is to promote tourism to the communal lands of Bung Jagoi and also to expose the indigenous community to various aspects of organizing a trail run. Runners would be given the opportunity to mingle with the locals and observe their culture, customs and knowledge of the lands. They’d be able to see the various jungle produce being sold such as oil processed from dried dipterocarp seeds and enjoy local cuisines such as as bamboo cooked food. Runners who are looking for cultural exposure beyond race day can opt to extend their experience through the various homestays that’s available in the area.

The Jagoi Heritage Trail Run takes runners across multiple Bidayuh settlements before arriving at their ancestral village on Bung Jagoi. The 20km and 6km routes runs through picturesque villages, sections of primary forests mixed in with plots of native farmlands for a scenic and memorable experience. Runners for both distance categories will be traversing trails that exists to serve the local community when they need to commute to their ancestral village.

Jak Mowah!

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